Indoor flying

The growth of school sports halls has been a boon for indoor flying. Compared with old-style gyms they have high ceilings and no beams or ropes to trap models.

As a boy I briefly flirted with the ultra-light rubber powered models. The trouble was that the very thin balsa needed was a bit pricy for my pocket. The final clincher was being banned by my mother when I fouled the bath up trying to make the covering microfilms from dope on the surface of water.

There is an active indoor flying community in Norfolk. They meet at Stalham High School and Wymondham Leisure Centre amongst other places.







Stalham 'Insiders'
South Norfolk indoor group
Pictures from Stalham meeting 9th January 2016
Pictures from Stalham radio control meeting 13th March 2016
My indoor models
For a recommended book for the beginner and advanced flyer



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