Its now official

We aren't getting fibre. Took them a long time to get round to telling us. The story is here. We can have a subsidy for satellite but that is obsolescent. The average speeds are too low and the data limits are ridiculous.

We can find countless thousands of millions for a railway line to benefit a few. A small fraction of that would get fibre everywhere that would benefit us all. What an admission of abject failure and shortsightedness. Railways have a limited future anyway. In ten years we'll whistle up our autonomous cars and put our feet up while the car drives us door to door at low cost and great comfort. Who is going to take out a second mortgage for a ticket, pay to drive to the station and park, wait around, sit in a crowded train and then pay for a cab at the other end? The railways will go the way of the canals.

Its a good job that widespread WISP and various other technologies are on the way. Perhaps new frequencies will make mobile broadband usable. Maybe google will get its fleet of drones into the air or Elon Musk will expand his cheap satellite swarms. Governments and their lackeys like BDUK are useless. No enterprise. The great English 'Can't do'. Pathetic!



(C) Peter Scott 2013

Last edit 7 Novermeb 2017